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Why Our Premium 80 Percent Lowers are so Popular

For the first-time AR builder, the nuances of putting together a weapon on which you may need to rely on for your life can seem overwhelming. What if you don’t mill out the trigger well properly or perhaps you are worried something won’t align properly resulting in a major weapons malfunction when you needed your rifle most. If fear of failure is causing to you to run to your nearest sporting good store for a pre-packaged AR then might I suggest you read this first. People don’t find our blogs by mistake and if you are here now it’s because you are seriously considering a build. So don’t give up on your dream just yet. Let us tell you why our premium 80 percent lowers are so popular and you just might realize you are closer than you think to a completed AR. You can read about the full differences between a completed lower and 80% lower here.

The Premium 80 Percent Lower

Remember, when an 80% lower shows up on your doorstep it is at that point and according to the ATF a big useless hunk of metal. In fact, you could order a whole truck load of 80% lowers and throw them in the air like confetti right in front of the ATF if you wanted. Although they would hurt on their way back down. Until you finish the process of boring out the trigger well with the proper jig and tooling like our 80% Lower Easy Jig kit.

5.56 (16" Barrel & 12"M-Lok Handguard) AR-15 Upper Assembly

Shipping a full-built AR-15 upper is 100% legal, too! No paperwork is required and one can be added to your 80% lower order.

However, it’s the process that often scares first time builders off a bit. With our premium 80% lower, we have simplified that very process for you. We found that for most builders it’s the small details that could be the most frustrating and worrisome. So the first thing we did was add the threaded bolt catch release hole for you. Tiny little sucker, but a pain in the rear nonetheless. We took care of that for you along with the threaded rear takedown detent hole. Throw in the screws and hex key you will need for install and you’ve got yourself one Premium 80% Lower.

Premium Billet 80% Lower Fire/Safe Marked with Premium Lower Parts Kit (AR-15)

Pick up our Premium Billet 80% Lower with an included Premium Lower Parts Kit!

The Power of Knowledge Will Set You Free

Whether you are a first-builder or an experienced craftsman, you’ll have a reason to appreciate the benefits of a premium lower. Knowing how to build an AR from scratch is almost a moral obligation in this day and age of gun control hysteria. It is not far fetched to assume that states or even the Federal government will make a push to ban America’s favorite weapon. So here’s the fun part. They can’t stop you from owning that which you know how to build from scratch.

With the purchase of an 80% lower you don’t have to report to anyone the fact that you just bought a big useless hunk of metal. It’s only when you complete it that firearm laws apply. So stock up and wait for the day when you need it most. Then match them with the perfect upper when it is time. You can even stay on top of the latest AR build news at our blog right here!

Staying Legal and Building an AR-15

We are not telling you to skirt the law, but we are recommending you prepare for the day when owning an AR-15 will matter most. When you know how to build an AR from scratch the power of the 2nd Amendment will always be in your hands. We promise it is not as hard as it seems and the fact that our premium lowers make it all that much easier is why they are so popular. 


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