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Why You Can’t Buy 80 Lower Receivers on Amazon

With the explosion of the Amazon marketplace – and the enticing promise of quick shipping – many are beginning to wonder: Why, exactly, can’t anyone buy or sell 80 lower receivers on Amazon? Are they not firearms? Let’s find out why.

Amazon’s Firearm Policy

Amazon’s heads have declared a rather strict ban on any “assault weapon” parts, components, and most accessories from being sold on the platform. The ban reasonably encompasses things like black powder, bullets, shells, primers, throwing stars, and Billy clubs – but it goes much, much further by also banning:

  •         All gun parts and accessories (even those designed for paintball and airsoft)
  •         Buttstocks, grips, and foregrips of any kind
  •         Vise blocks and any “bullet button” tools
  •         Magazines and related accessories
  •         Muzzle devices and suppressors
  •         Conversion kits and adapters of any kind

But the final nail in the coffin is this:

  •         Parts or combinations of parts designed or intended to manufacture a firearm of any kind

The 80 lower receiver isn’t a firearm, but…

It’s difficult to argue against what an 80 lower receiver is meant to be used for. With that said, any honest seller cannot approach Amazon with any 80% lower receiver or 80% frame. Some dishonest sellers still manage to sell kits and tools on the eCommerce platform until the Merchandising team catches on and removes the items (and, in some cases, the store).

In one particularly creative, albeit ultimately unsuccessful instance, one seller marketed 80% lower receivers as “art pieces”. At the time of this writing, the store appears to have been shuttered.

Why you should buy from the experts anyway

You shouldn’t fret about not being able to snag your next (or your first) 80% lower receiver from the Amazonian eCommerce giant. To be sure, investing in an 80% lower receiver isn’t the same as picking up that juicy build-it-yourself bedroom set deal. You need expert advice and the right product selection.

Check out our selection of 80% lower receivers

Our own shop has all the 80% lower receivers, full-built uppers, lower parts kits, 80% lower jigs, and gunsmithing tools you need! We recently introduced our hugely popular Ultimate Build Kit!

This AR-15 built kit includes literally every part you need to transform an 80% lower receiver into a complete, ready-to-fire AR-15 in one box:

  •  5.56 NATO chambered AR-15 Upper Assembly
  • 16” 416R SS Barrel (1:8 twist)
  • Mid-Length Gas System w/ Low-Profile Block
  • Lightweight, Free-Float M-Lok Handguard
  • Forged 7075 T6 Upper Receiver
  • M16 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group
  • Mil-Spec Charging Handle
  • 80% lower Fire/Safe Marked Black Anodized
  • 80% Lower Jig: Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform with Tooling
  • Classic Lower Parts Kit w/ Buttstock and Buffer System
  •  AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench
  •  Porter Cable Handheld Router
  •  Roll Pin Punch Set
  •  Tactical Rifle Case w/ Foam Inserts

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We also offer fast, free shipping on all orders you place over $250! That includes most 80 lower receiver and jig kits, as well as all uppers and other build kits!


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