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Why You Need a Fire/Safe 80 Percent Lower

Put enough guns into the hands of enough people and a negligent discharge is inevitable. Practicing good firearms safety will reduce the likelihood and it may very well be true that this has never happened to you. However, the truth is that they do occur and it can happen to some of the most professionally trained shooters on the planet. An AR-15 without a safety indicator is an AR that we’d rather not be around. So, when selecting your lower for your AR build, go ahead and save yourself some time by picking up one with the proper fire/safe engraving features. 

Reasons to Purchase a Fire/Safe Lower

We suppose there might a few reasons to not purchase a fire/safe 80 lower, but those reasons have more to do with being cheap. If you’re a creative fellow then perhaps you want your own way to mark the firing and safety positions. Perhaps “Bang” and “No Bang” is what you want to engrave or perhaps even “pew” and “no pew.” In the case where humor is your motivator, we suppose it is perfectly acceptable to purchase a smooth 80 lower without engravings.

AR-15 / Classic Lower Parts Kit

All AR-15 Lower Parts Kits feature a standard safety lever – you’ll need those engravings!

But that’s about the only reason to avoid Fire/Safe engravings. We encourage you to see the benefit of having the fire/safe markings. It’s not just about you, but about others who might find themselves in need of the weapon. You simply can’t trust that in the heat of the moment they are going to know exactly what to do to make the weapon ready to fire or to properly safety the weapon. So when in doubt, just keep it simple. If you are still confused about your options with an 80 lower you can check this glossary of terms. If you want to keep things simple, check out our standard 80% lowers, of which most are pre-engraved with Fire/Safe.

Negligent Discharges Threaten the 2nd Amendment

Finally, we want to take a minute and encourage everyone to take gun safety into account. Despite what the gun grabbers will tell you, gun owners hate accidental discharges and needless firearms-related deaths just as much as anyone else. We understand that every accident is another excuse to push the gun grabbing agenda. Every negligent discharge that harms or kills is a threat to the 2nd Amendment. It gives them the excuse they need to cry foul over gun safety.

Pre-Engraved Fire/Safe Lowers

Premium Black 80% Lowers Billet Fire/Safe Engraved (5-Count)

Don’t play around with gun safety. Regardless of that cool scene in Black Hawk Down where the Delta Operator says his finger is his safety, keep the weapon on safe until you are ready to fire. Building an AR is an exciting venture as you truly get to customize it to your own liking. But don’t forgo the Fire/Safe option unless you plan to be creative and come up with your own. 


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