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Why You Should Buy Your 80 Lowers in Bulk

Let’s face it, you can never have enough guns or ammunition. Much to the chagrin of spouses around the world, this is the discernible truth that every gun lover knows all too well. Some ponder what they are going eat on payday while others ponder what they are going to shoot. Thankfully, there are some pretty good savings to be appreciated when one buys in bulk and this is true with your standard 80 lower as well. However, the benefits of buying an 80 lower bulk extend far beyond price.

An 80 Lower for a Rainy Day

We all know the benefits of an 80 lower by now, but just in case someone is new to the concept let me offer a quick recap. An 80 lower is the lower receiver to an AR that is only 80% complete. The portion of the receiver that holds the trigger group is still solid. As a result, the ATF can’t recognize it as a firearm. That means you can purchase an 80 lower online along with a jig kit and have it sent directly to your front door without an FFL.

The benefit to buying them in bulk as that you essentially have as many future firearms as you want without actually owning an arsenal of firearms. Gun laws are constantly changing in America as the 2nd Amendment comes under relentless attack. If you don’t believe it, just look at California as the canary pigeon in the mineshaft of freedom. That’s why we had to create California Compliant AR Packages. So before your state takes aim at your 2nd Amendment right, the 80 Lower is priced well enough that you can stock up in bulk. No need to purchase all the other parts until you want or need it.

The Prices are Amazing!

Finally, you get a great deal when you buy 80 lowers in bulk. Just take a look at the price of this 5 Count 80% Lower Package. For that price you essentially have 5 ready to go ARs that when funds are available you can purchase the remaining components. Plus, because the ATF classifies these as useless hunk of metals there are no restrictions on gifting them if they have not been completed. We are not lawyers, so do your own legal legwork, but that’s how we understand it.

It just makes sense to buy in bulk from a price and pew perspective. That’s more money for ammunition or food I guess if you happen like eating more that shooting. Not to mention, once you own the lower, the jig and the precious knowledge of how to complete your own build then no one can ever take that knowledge away from you. This is liberty in action at a great price. So in keeping with my life’s mantra, why buy one gun when you can buy two!



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