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Why You Should Use an 80 Lower Receiver for Your Next Build

I guess the real question is why wouldn’t you use an 80 lower receiver for your next gun build?

Perhaps if you were building a shotgun or flamethrower it might seem a little unnecessary. However, if you are looking to build America’s beloved AR-15 or even the new kid on the block in the 300 Blackout then you absolutely must start with an 80 lower receiver.

It’s not a legal requirement, but just one out of principle. Yes, you can start with a completed product, but I think you’ll think twice by the time you finish this article. This is about living the pew lifestyle as it was meant to be lived and exercising a little liberty.

Come sup at the table with me and let me convince you that an 80 lower receiver is the only way to go.

The 80 Lower Receiver is Freedom’s Song

Let’s face the facts. The gun grabbers are on the march and there is an element among them that won’t quit until the 2nd Amendment is null and void. While the constitution does offer us some protection, rogue states like California and New Jersey are pushing the limits at every turn. However, there is an answer and it’s the 80 lower receiver.

For those unaware, the 80 percent lower is simply the lower receiver of an AR that is, wait for it, 80 percent complete. Brilliant branding, we know. However, the functional point of that fact is that until the 80 lower is completed the ATF doesn’t consider this thing of beauty a firearm.

To the ATF, this might as well be an oddly shaped paperweight made of sturdy aluminum. This means you can buy as many of them as you want and have them shipped right to your front door without an FFL. In fact, buy them in bulk and have them shipped in by the truckloads if you want.

Then, the next step is for you to pick up one of our quality American made 80 lower jigs. Complete the milling process with little effort and the voila, you’ve got yourself a fully functional AR lower that is ready to pew. Apart from California, once completed you don’t even have to register it anywhere or serialize it so long as the builder maintains possession. It’s 2nd Amendment liberty at its finest.

The 80 Lower Receiver is Knowledge and Power

Perhaps the greatest reason to start with an 80 percent lower is that building one from scratch is knowledge and power. Despite the gun grabber’s best efforts, once you know how to build an AR this is knowledge and power that they will never be able to take from you. That’s also why we recommend buying them in bulk. You don’t even have to complete them all right away. Just simply store them in your basement for a rainy 2A day. When needed, just break them out and complete them in as little as 30 minutes.

Finally, we’ll stand by the fact that there is a certain feeling of satisfaction knowing that you’ve crafted this weapon from scratch. Heck, we’d even recommend you forge your own aluminum if it wasn’t such a technical process. But since we don’t want your rifle blowing up in your face, we recommend you leave that part to us and just start with the 80 lower receiver.

All of our products are fully guaranteed and made right here in America. If you are building an AR there is absolutely no reason you should do anything other than start with an 80 percent lower. This is freedom, knowledge, power and American pew at its finest.


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