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You Completed Your AR 15 Lower Receiver, Now What?

So you finished your AR 15 lower receiver. Congratulations! We told you it wasn’t hard – a little challenging, sure – but not hard. You tossed an upper assembly on your completed AR 15 lower receiver, installed a lower parts kit, and you feel successful. And you should feel successful. What do you do now?

AR 15 Lower Receiver = Done! Go Shoot It!

Shooting it is the funnest part of owning a rifle. Hitting the range with your new AR 15 should be one of the first things you do. Why? Because you need to know it works right? You got to toss some lead downrange to make sure everything is functionally dialed in right. Putting some rounds downrange will let you know if you need to tweak or adjust the gas system. The buffer tube or other AR 15 parts.

The next reason to go to the range is too see if it is comfortable for you. Do you like the stock? What about the fore end? The pistol grip? Your sights? You want to make sure you like and can use your firearm comfortably. If you cannot, you may want to do some upgrading.

You may be comfortable, but decide on a different purpose for your rifle. A hunting rifle for example is a lot different than a self-defense rifle. That’s the great thing about the AR 15 – All you gotta do is keep your lower receiver and you can build a dozen different rifles on it.

“Barbie” Firearm

The AR 15 is often called the Barbie gun, because it’s so customizable. You change the caliber, the size, and the intent of your rifle. It’s very simple to customize your rifle into something new and different off of the same AR 15 lower receiver.

You can instantly swap out grips for shorter, wider, fatter, or thinner options. You add fore grips for greater control and better ergonomics. You can add flashlights, bipods, and more. Accessorizing and customizing is the best thing to do after you build a rifle.

The Finish

raw forged lower receiverOne of the more permanent upgrades is adding a custom finish to your rifle. You can turn into something art like and unique with a variety of different patterns. You can turn your AR 15 into a Stormtrooper-themed cannon or you can go more functional with camouflage patterns. A camo pattern can be invaluable for a tactical or hunting rifle. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are going the custom finish route, you will need to start with a Raw AR 15 lower receiver.


Magpul MBUS Flip-Up Sights A set of iron sights are an absolute necessity to your rifle. Without them how exactly do you plan to aim the rifle? That’s only one method of aiming a rifle. You can also toss an optic and change how effective you are with the rifle.

A magnified rifle scope will allow you to see and hit at greater distances. A variable optic can also be invaluable when hunting. A red dot system is better for close range shooting and makes transitioning from target to target faster. A good red dot will get you on target much faster than iron sights.


Magpul Stock - PremiumDifferent stocks serve different purposes as well. A stock is also one of the big comfort items on an AR platform. A short PDW wife stock is great for a legal SBR, and or home defense. A Longer, solid stock is often the most comfortable for precision shooting. I am somewhere in the middle with a B5 stock that collapses.


AR 15s are a lot like PCs, you can build the one you want. The AR 15 world is vast, and your options are almost unlimited. Find the perfect AR15 Lower Receiver Build Kit w/ an 80 lower receiver for you here:

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