308 & AR-10 80 Lowers

308 & AR-10 80 Lowers

Looking for an 80 lower to complete your AR-10 or LR-308 build? You've found 'em. We're proud to offer shooters and builders like you the highest-quality billet, forged, and polymer 308 and AR-10 80 percent lowers. Our lowers have been manufactured to exact tolerances by some of the country's top metallurgists and gunsmiths. And yet, we also offer some of the cheapest 80 percent lower options you can find! Our prices are always the lowest, and most of our 308 and AR-10 80 lowers are on sale right now.

308 & AR-10 Lower Features and Specs:

Compatible with DPMS Gen 1 Components

Many don't realize this, but the AR-10 and most .308-chambered ARs are not the same. The original AR-10 platform shares some similarities with those other rifles, but they're not interchangeable. So, we stuck with the most popular option on the market: DPMS Gen 1! Officially called the LR-308 line of rifles, the DPMS Gen 1 .308 AR is one of the most widely available and popular .308 AR line of products you can find. Our 308 80 lowers are compatible with all DPMS Gen 1/LR-308 parts.

Legally Build Your AR at Home

Try as politicians might, it is not illegal to build a gun at home for personal use. The ATF even says so. This means that you can buy your 308 or AR-10 80 percent lower, have it shipped directly to your front door, and get to building with an 80 lower jig. No paperwork required. No FFL transfer necessary. Be sure to check your state and local laws, too.

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