80 Lower Jig

80 Lower Jig

Ready to become an at-home gunsmith? Build an AR-15 with your own tools and know-how? Then you need an 80% jig. This is the tool you'll use to machine your AR's receiver blank. Using a jig to complete your 80% lower means you already have a pre-designed template to work with. The jig does all the measuring and work for you, aligning the holes the holes you need to drill and showing you where to cut the fire control cavity. If you don't already have a lower receiver, we suggest starting here: All these lowers are compatible with our jigs. If you're looking for the cheapest 80 lower jig you can find, you've come to the right place. We carry the most affordable jigs on the market. But cheap does not mean low-quality. All our jigs are US-made and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Options are available if you want to use a handheld router, but we have drill press jigs if you already own the tooling.

How does an 80% jig work?

The jig allows you to quickly, legally, and safely complete your 80 lower, transforming it into a stripped receiver, a firearm by definition that can accept a lower parts kit, an upper receiver, and a buffer system. That means drilling a few holes and milling out the fire control cavity in the receiver. This is the area where your trigger and lower parts kit will be installed. Click here to read our complete guide about jigs and how they work. The whole process takes around 1 to 2 hours for first-timers, though expert builders can get it done in 15 minutes or less. Want to go fast? Get your hands on the Router Jig PRO.

No FFL is required to own or use a jig

The ATF says it's legal to build a firearm at home (for personal use, not for re-sale) with no FFL or other paperwork required. That means we can ship the equipment you need to build your AR right to your front door. That also means you don't have to pay any extra fees or special taxes, you don't have to deal with pages of paperwork, and you don't need to submit to any background checks. The same rules apply to 80% lowers. They're not considered firearms and the ATF classifies them as "receiver blanks". Want to make it easy on yourself? Check out these lower-and-jig combos. It includes the most popular (and most affordable) jig on the market, and you get a quality, forged 80% lower.

Why using a jig rocks:

  • No FFL is required for ownership or use
  • Completes a lower in 15 minutes to 2 hours
  • Jigs include required drill bits and end mill bits
  • All available jigs are compatible with our lowers
  • Options are available for routers or drill presses
  • Replaceable parts are available so you can keep building

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