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80 Lower with Jig

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80 Lower with Jig

Picking out the right parts and tools for your AR build project can get confusing. Some 80 percent lowers only work with certain 80% jigs. We took out all the guesswork by putting together some convenient 80 Lower with Jig kits.

What’s Included

These combo kits include either a billet or forged 80% lower receiver, one jig, and the required drill bits and end mill bit to complete the receiver. Each kit will let you take an 80% lower receiver, slap it into the jig, and produce your own mil-spec, stripped lower receiver that’s ready for a lower parts kit, buffer assembly, and upper. The whole process usually takes less than 2 hours, and no FFL is required!

How does that work? An 80 percent lower is not considered a firearm by the ATF. It’s just a chunk of aluminum in the eyes of the law. Only once you finish that extra 20% does it become a legal firearm. Buying your 80 lower with the right jig already included is the most convenient way to do it all with one order.

Completing the Lower Receiver

In our 80 Lower with Jig kits you can pick one to five quality, anodized 80 lowers, complete with pre-drilled holes for the bolt catch, magazine latch, retaining pins, and threads for your buffer tube. All it needs is some handy work, and that’s where the 80% jig comes in:

The jig helps you line everything up and finish the drilling and milling process with simple hand tools. No drill press or mechanical expertise is required. Each kit makes for a precisely finished receiver and the result is a more affordable AR-15 lower receiver that’s just as tough, sexy, and perfectly machined as any name brand.

Benefits of Buying an 80 Lower with Jig:

  • No FFL Required
  • No waiting at the gun store
  • 100% mil-spec lower receivers
  • Jig requires just basic tools (router, drill)
  • Requires no registration or serial number*
  • 80 lower jig is reusable for other builds
  • Perfect results with no paperwork
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

*As always, check your local and state laws first.


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