AR 9 Pistol Kit

AR 9 Pistol Kit

The pistol-caliber carbine, or PCC, has become a popular 9mm-chambered configuration for the AR platform. Until recently, you would've had to convert your existing AR-15 into this config, dubbed the AR9, with a sloppy "box magazine" conversion kit and new barrel and chamber fitted to your existing receiver. We decided to offer up proper, from-scratch kits using the new AR9-dedicated 80% lower receiver. This new receiver blank utilizes Glock magazines (factory or aftermarket) and a new ejector that's compatible with the AR9 barreled uppers included with each kit. With these kits, we've put together ready-to-build AR9s from muzzle to buttstock. 

AR9 Kit Specifications & Features

  • All carbon barrels forged from MIL-B-11595 E steel (4150 or Chromoly Vanadium)
  • All carbon barrels and chambers treated with Nitride (Melonite) or Phosphate coating
  • All stainless / match barrels forged from Crucible 416R steel for sub-MOA accuracy
  • Includes G-9 Hybrid 9mm Bolt Carrier Group (compatible with AR-15 lower parts kit)
  • All stripped upper receivers forged from mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum
  • All buffer assemblies and lower parts kits are mil-spec in fit and finish
  • With an optional 80% lower, all kits include the necessary parts for building a functional, range-ready AR.
  • All upper assemblies ship test-fired and ready to install with no additional assembly required.

Completing the AR9 80% Lower & Compatibility

We've kept things easy with the AR9's receiver blank: It's compatible with standard AR-15 jigs and lower parts kits, making cutting and drilling and final assembly as easy as a traditional black rifle. The standard buffer assembly is also compatible, though we've swapped out the typical Carbine buffer for an appropriately-weight 9mm buffer to ensure reliable operation with the AR9's blow-back functionality (no gas system required).

Shipping and "The Legal Stuff"

Under ATF policy and federal law, no components in the AR9 build kit is considered a firearm by definition, including the 80% lower. This means you can order your kit right now and have it shipped directly to your front door, without the need to go through an FFL, and without paying extra taxes and fees. However, some states have enacted state laws contrary to federal law, and may consider these build kits to be firearms. Other states have  banned such receiver blanks and gun-making kits altogether. Before placing your order, please review our Shipping & Returns Policy to ensure your state is restricted. We cannot fulfill orders placed in restricted states. If you have questions about the legality of building or owning any firearm in your state, contact a licensed attorney first.


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