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AR15 80 Lower

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AR15 80 Lower

Try the new, convenient way to get your own black rifle, sans all the red tape: The AR15 80 Lower! Buying an AR 15 in today’s market can be bureaucratic, difficult, timely, costly – a general pain, if you will. So what’s the fix? Exactly what the name implies: An 80 percent finished lower that isn’t considered a firearm, shipped straight to your front door. You’re responsible for finishing that last, easy 20% and turning it into a firearm.

This nearly-complete AR15 80 Lower is just a chunk of aluminum in the eyes of officials and the law, and that’s where you get to have fun: You get to finish the lower, milling it out with your own at-home jig and creating your own one-of-a-kind black rifle in the process. The best part? AR15 80 Lowers can be left unregistered, un-serialized and unbranded.

Get an AR15 80 Lower and Jig shipped to your door and get milling! In a few hours, you’ll be the proud maker of your own AR 15, without paying any FFL fees. You don’t even need to stamp a serial number on it if it’s for personal use. Live in a restrictive state? Forget the waiting period and paperwork, and enjoy the fun and workmanship of making your own rifle. Every AR15 80 Lower is made to exact specifications and features the same, quality anodized finishes, exterior cuts, and holes you’d find on a finished lower.

Benefits of an AR 15 80 Lower:

  • No FFL Required
  • 100% Mil-Spec
  • Legally Ships To Your Door
  • No Waiting Period In Restrictive States
  • Build A Private, Un-serialized Rifle At Home!
  • Can Be Finished With Basic Hand Tools
  • Requires Almost No Mechanical Knowledge
  • “Fire/Safe” Selector Engravings
  • Made in the USA
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