AR15 Flip Up Sights

AR15 Flip Up Sights

If you’re rocking an AR15 with Flip Up Sights, this absolutely has to be your first investment – you can’t hit without them! Why AR15 Flip Up Sights in particular? The standard 5.56 or .223 black rifle provides perhaps the best combination of short- and long-range shooting characteristics, making an optic almost a necessity alongside traditional iron sights.

The problem with a rail-mounted optic is you can’t use conventional iron sights without interference between the two – until now. AR15 Flip Up Sights, as their name implies, allow you to flip them up and down at your leisure. The convenience of this means you can enjoy your favorite glass, reflex, holographic or red dot sight without conflict.

The U.S. Military even uses Flip Up Sights on their rifles, and even if you’re using a standard A2 front sight post like many rifles still do, AR15 Flip Up Sights will be the best way to accommodate your optic of choice. Take a browse through our AR15 Flip Up Sights and you’ll find a pair that suits your shooting and budget perfectly – whether it’s fast and nasty, or slow and smooth, there’s a tritium, ghost ring, adjustable, open leaf or standard aperture for your rifle.

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