AR15 Lower Parts Kit

AR15 Lower Parts Kit

An AR15 Lower Parts Kit comes with every spring, pin and a trigger assembly required for an AR15 build. Upon completing your 80% lower, you will then need to install an AR15 lower parts kit to convert the lower into a fully-functional lower receiver. The kits are separated into smaller, easily identifiable bags to make the installation even easier.

First-time builder? Read our full guide on picking an AR-15 trigger and how to troubleshoot the install.

All of of lower parts kits are 100% Mil-Spec and designed to fit with all of our 80% lowers and other manufacturer's Mil-Spec lower receivers as well. For your convenience, we have easy-to-follow instructional videos that guide you through each step of the installation process. Whether it’s your first build or 100th, we carry all of the internal components to take your AR-15 from parts and pieces to a fully-functional, custom rifle. With our lower parts kits, you can rest assured that you’ll have every part you’re going to need for build, at a fraction of the cost!

Benefits of AR15 Lower Parts Kits:

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