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AR15 Pistol Kit

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AR15 Pistol Kit

An AR15 Pistol Kit is the next exciting build project that you’ve been waiting for. An AR15 Pistol Kit can be one of the most fun, rewarding, cost-efficient builds to add to your arsenal. Our AR15 Pistol Kits have been painstakingly packaged together so that builders can get every piece they need in one easy-to-build kit.

Long gone are the days of researching a supplier for each pin or spring and driving across town to see if they were in stock! We have researched, tested, built and compiled what we think are the best combination of AR-15 parts to build your custom AR 15 pistol. All of our build kits can be shipped to you without any need for an FFL Transfer due to the fact that’s it’s not a functional firearm until you complete it!

Each builder is unique and has their own preferences when it comes to building and shooting – we get that. That is why we offer AR-15 Pistol Build kits chambered in 5.56 and 300 AAC Blackout. Also, the hand guard options available allow for you to easily choose a build kit that is not only the right caliber for you, but one that also allows for accessory attachments the suit your preference. Whether it be Keymod, M-Lok, QD/MOE, there is an AR Pistol Build Kit for you!

Our AR15 Pistol Kits are 100% Mil-Spec and guaranteed to fit with any Mil-spec AR-15 parts manufacturer’s products.

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