AR15 Pistol Upper

AR15 Pistol Upper

The AR15 Pistol Upper is quickly becoming the everyman’s equivalent of the Coolguy operatin’ short-barreled rifle, minus all the extra paperwork thanks to the NFA. So, why bother with an AR pistol build? There are actually quite a few reasons: They’re fun, they’re small, they’re pretty cool to look at, they’re just as effective as a short-barreled rifle (SBR). For the creative type, they can be stowed easily as a truck gun or SHTF weapon.

Want to know more? Learn the difference between a pistol and SBR, include the legalities.

What's Included

AR15 Pistols are surprisingly easy to “shoulder” (yes, it is legal), and building one is simple: Pick up a Pistol Upper, slap it on a standard lower assembly with a pistol or carbine buffer tube (sans the stock), and you’re all set! Our uppers include everything you need to get shooting: Barrel assembly, gas system, M4 feed ramps, front sight post, muzzle device, bolt carrier group, dust covers, the whole shebang.

Pistol Upper Specs & Features

  • All carbon barrels forged from MIL-B-11595 E steel (4150 or Chromoly Vanadium)
  • All carbon barrels and chambers treated with Nitride (Melonite) or Phosphate coating
  • All stainless / match barrels forged from Crucible 416R steel for extreme accuracy
  • All bolt carrier groups (BCGs) are full-auto, staked, M16 profile, and chrome-lined
  • All upper receivers forged from mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum

Benefits of an AR15 Pistol Upper:

  • No FFL Required for Purchase
  • Looks and Functions Like an SBR
  • No NFA Paperwork or Tax Stamp
  • Compact, Lightweight and Easy To Shoot
  • Fully-built Uppers Require No Assembly
  • 100% Made in the USA

Get to buildin’.

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