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AR15 Pistol

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AR15 Pistol

The AR15 Pistol is no longer just a niche range toy. These compact AR15s have dramatically improved their ballistic coefficients since their creation and now make the perfect alternative to the hassle of trying to buy an SBR and paying that $200 tax stamp, filling out all that paperwork, and waiting for months.

Browse around and you’ll find and AR15 Pistol that’s perfectly suited for your range, defense or general shooting needs. Choose from barrel lengths ranging from 10.5” all the way down to 7”. Varying twist rates will favor whatever grain you shoot, and each AR15 Pistol we sell comes with a myriad of different sights, handguards and configurations – you’re sure to find the perfect AR15 Pistol here!

AR15 Pistols are generally less expensive than traditional AR rifles and SBRs, so if you’re on a budget and you want that same compact convenience and weight savings for a fraction of the cost, grab an AR15 Pistol and go! The best part? It’s been reaffirmed that yes, you can shoulder these little pistols like any other rifle, guaranteeing their comfort and functionality without any fear of the ATF knocking at your door.

Benefits of an AR15 Pistol:

  • No FFL Required
  • Same Functionality as an SBR
  • Get the Same Package w/ No NFA Paperwork
  • No $200 Tax Stamp or Waiting Period
  • Easily Configurable Just Like A Rifle
  • Compact, Lightweight, Easy To Shoulder
  • Buffer Tube Accessories Available
  • Made in the USA
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