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AR15 Rifle Kit

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AR15 Rifle Kit

Piecing together your own AR15 Rifle Kit is a pretty damn cool project. It’s something to be proud of, and really, it’s a money-saver compared to picking up a fully built rifle off-the-shelf at the local gun shop. Take a browse at our AR15 Rifle Kits and you’ll likely find the exact configuration you’ve been wanting, minus the higher price tag and paperwork!

Because only the stripped lower receiver is the only part considered the firearm within an AR15, you enjoy the benefit of your AR15 Rifle Kit shipping directly to your front door – no FFL paperwork or fees required! Everything you need to complete your rifle is included: Barrel, gas system, buffer, tube, spring, stock, trigger mechanism, front sight post, the works. Our AR15 Rifle Kits come with different furniture and configurations, from bull barrels to pencil barrels, from old-school to modern, and everything in between.

When you’re ready to complete your AR15 Rifle Kit, or if you’re looking around for a stripped lower, consider our 80 Lower Kits and Jigs! 80%, or almost-complete, lowers are not yet considered firearms, and they too can be shipped straight to your door. You finish the machining with simple tools and a Jig, and your AR15 is complete – legal to build, no paperwork or fees, and no waiting in line!

Benefits of an AR15 Rifle Kit:

  • No FFL Required
  • Pre-assembled Upper
  • 100% Mil-Spec
  • Everything Needed to Build Rifle
  • Requires Little Mechanical Knowledge
  • Choose from 5.56, .223, & 300 Blackout
  • Only Requires Basic Hand Tools
  • Made in the USA

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