AR15 Rifle Upper

AR15 Rifle Upper

The AR15 Rifle Upper is part of what makes the black rifle a wonderful weapon system: It’s one of the most modular, interchangeable, user-friendly and customizable platforms available – so why not take advantage of it? Rather than simply picking up your first AR off-the-shelf at the local gun shop (boring), build your own! We use the word “build” lightly – putting together your own black rifle is cake: Pick up an AR15 Rifle Upper and mate it with a full-built lower (or even better, one of our 80% lowers!), and you’re instantly ready to go.

Our AR15 Rifle Uppers include everything you need to throw lead down range: Barrel assembly, gas system and tube, front sight, muzzle device, upper receiver, forward assist, bolt carrier group, you get the idea. Everything is headspaced, tested and pre-assembled for your safety and convenience.

Among our many AR15 Rifle Uppers, you’ll find something that suits your shooting needs and budget – you’ll find simple, USGI-like AR15 Rifle Uppers that pay homage for the original thing, as well as modern, lightweight, bench-ready or competition-ready setups at every price point. Our AR15 Rifle Uppers are not considered firearms, so they ship straight to your front door, no paperwork necessary!

Benefits of an AR15 Rifle Upper:

  • No FFL Required
  • Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Can Be Paired w/ Any Same-Caliber Lower
  • Tested and Ready to Fire
  • More Affordable Than Full-Built Rifles
  • Save Hundreds By Pairing w/ an 80 Lower
  • Mil-Spec Black Anodization
  • Discreet Shipping
  • Made in the USA

Get to buildin’.

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