AR15 Upper

AR15 Upper

The AR15 upper will make your break your black rifle build. Whether you've parted together your piece with an 80 lower receiver, or bought your rifle or pistol at the gun store, these AR15 upper assemblies are the ticket to instantly improving your shot game.

Can't decide on an upper? Here's a full guide to picking the right AR-15 barrel.

AR15 Upper Features and Specs:

  • Ships direct to you, ready to fire
  • No FFL requirements for purchase
  • 4150 CMV or 416R stainless barrels
  • Button-rifled for extreme accuracy
  • Free-float M-Lok, Keymod handguards available
  • Affordable rifle and pistol uppers

Top-Quality AR15 Barrels

All AR15 uppers we sell are test-fired and ship ready for the range. We only use the highest-grade 4150 CMV or 416R stainless steel for each upper's barrel. All barrels are button-rifled to ensure accuracy.

No FFL required to purchase

Even though its "doing the shooting", the AR15 upper is not considered a firearm. The ATF only recognizes the stripped lower receiver as such. In fact, the ATF also does not recognize the 80% lower as a firearm. This means your upper and parts ship immediately to your front door, no paperwork or FFL transfer necessary.

You can even purchase an 80% lower, an 80 lower jig, and a parts kit with buffer assembly, and you'll have every component you need to complete your black rifle (or pistol) at home with a single order.

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