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Billet 80 Lowers with Jig

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Billet 80 Lowers with Jig

Take a look at our Billet 80 Lowers with Jig! Ready to be a gunsmith and build your own AR15 receiver? You don’t need a drill press, a CNC machine, or a lathe, and you don’t even need any mechanical expertise. This nifty kit sounds too good to be true, but it’s not: With this kit you’ll become your own AR15 lower receiver builder – tools, template and billet 80 Lower included.

So how’s it all work? Simple, you take one of the included Billet 80 Lowers – which are not yet considered firearms – and Jig, and secure them together. With the jig’s guides and the provided drill and mill bits, all you need is a power tool and some patience. In an single afternoon, you’ll have machined your 80%-complete lower into a fully functional AR15 lower receiver, and you don’t even have to register it or put a serial number on it! The best part? Our Billet 80 Lowers with Jig ship straight to your front door, no FFL fees or paperwork required.

This kit includes quality billet 80 Lowers, which provide the best balance of aesthetic, strength and weight. Regardless of whether or not you’ve got a knack for gunsmithing, machining or metal work, these billet lowers make a great blank slate for pressing your own roll marks, stamps or inlaid designs. Billet receivers provide a better cutting and machining surface compared to forged lowers.

Benefits of Billet 80 Lowers with Jig:

  • No FFL Required
  • 100% Mil-Spec
  • Can Be Shipped to Your Door
  • AR15 Jig Cuts Finish Time in Half
  • AR15 Jig Can Finish 20+ 80 Lowers
  • “Fire/Safe” Selector Engravings
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