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California Legal AR15 Parts

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California Legal AR15 Parts

Live in the Golden State? Want to buy or build a black rifle or pistol? We’ve got you covered. Find everything you need to build with our California-Legal AR15 Parts. These parts have been put to the test against California’s strict legislation, ensuring you have the right to own a proper AR-15, no matter where you live.

California AR-15 owners have to adhere to a myriad of unique gun laws, including making sure their ARs are either featureless, or compliant with a fixed (non-detachable) magazine.

We carry parts to satisfy both camps! With unique upgrades like the ARMagLock, you can continue enjoying your CA-legal AR-15.

CA-Legal Parts Specs and Features: 

  • Allows you to legally build an AR-15 in California
  • Parts available for fixed-magazine builds
  • CA-legal (non-adjustable) buttstocks
  • Quality, affordable Lower Parts Kits
  • FREE shipping on orders over $250
  • Un-restricted shipping to California

You can still build an AR-15 in California

Califonia makes no secret of that fact that it doesn’t like the AR-15. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build one in California nonetheless. We’re proud to support shooters and 2nd Amendment lovers like yourself.

Because of that, we ship 80% lowers, AR-15 uppers, and complete build kits to California without restriction. We must strongly advise that you check all local and state laws before building an AR-15 in California.

Many gun laws have placed restrictions on the black rifle. Investing in our California-legal AR15 parts is a great start, but there are other important requirements you must know, too. You can read more about it all here.


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