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Easy Jig Gen 2

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Easy Jig Gen 2

The patented Easy Jig Gen 2 is arguably the world’s fastest, most universal, easiest-to-use, and one of the most popular 80 lower jig options, ever. Promising 100% compatibility with AR-15, AR9, and DPMS Gen 1 .308 80% lowers, the Easy Jig Gen 2 is a once-and-done buy for anyone who wants to own an arsenal of black rifles in every available caliber.

The Easy Jig Gen 2 continues to live up to its name, improving on an already-great design realized by the Gen 1. This 80 lower jig instantly transforms your garage, basement, or work bench into a miniature gunsmithing factory.

For a full tutorial of the Easy Jig Gen 2, click here.

Top Features of the Easy Jig Gen 2:

  • Does not require a drill press! (Just a hand drill)
  • Optional hardened steel hand drill stabilizers
  • Includes required drill bits and end mill bits
  • The only 80 lower jig that works with full-size routers
  • 100% compatible with AR-15, AR9, and LR-308 (DPMS Gen 1)
  • Works with 23 handheld routers (including Porter Cable 6430)

One of The Fastest 80 Lower Jigs

With the Easy Jig, you’ll quickly and easily (15 to 30 minutes for experienced builders) drill and mill out your 80% lower, transforming it into a stripped AR-15 lower receiver.

The Gen 2 requires 90% less drilling than competing jigs, and it takes just one pilot hole for milling. This 80 lower jig doesn’t even require disassembly to remove or insert your lower.

Other 80 Lower Jig Specs:

The Easy Jig has so many features, upgrades, and improvements that we can’t list them all in one place:

  • Self-centering mechanism for exotic lowers
  • High-quality bearings to protect jig and bit
  • Included shop vac attachment for clean-up
  • Built-in measuring gauge for drill and end mill bits
  • Includes detail manual, quick setup guide, and video tutorial

The Gen 2 is so popular, we threw it in a Combo Kit with our popular forged 80% lower. With these two items alone, you’ll have what you need to build your first AR-15 stripped lower.

It’s time to build!



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