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Forged 80 Lower

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Forged 80 Lower

So, what’s a Forged 80 Lower? For starters, any old 80 Lower is a nearly finished AR 15 lower receiver that isn’t considered a firearm – it’s just a chunk of aluminum in the eyes of the ATF. What’s so special about that? A Forged 80 Lower can be shipped to your door, milled out with basic hand tools, and made into a fully functioning AR 15 – all without any FFL transfer fees or red tape! It’s completely legal to complete your own 80 lower receiver.

So, why a Forged 80 Lower in particular? Simple, it’s the toughest. Forged 80 Lowers, as the name implies, are pressed from raw aluminum blocks into a rock-hard construction that’ll take some serious abuse. The forged metal maintains a harder surface area and generally shows a more consistent phosphate or anodized finish than other lowers. The best part? Forged 80 Lowers can still easily be milled into a finished lower with your basic garage or handyman tools – all thanks to our convenient 80 lower jigs, plates and guides!

Pick up a Forged 80 Lower kit and do a little machining, and you’ll be the proud maker and owner of an unregistered, un-serialized AR 15 Lower that’s as tough and ready to rock as some of the big “operator” brands in the industry.

Benefits of Forged 80 Lowers:

  • No FFL Required
  • 100% Mil-Spec
  • Constructed of 7075 aluminum
  • Mil-Spec Black Anodization
  • “Fire/Safe” Selector Engravings
  • Made in the USA

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