Forged 80 Lowers with Jig

Forged 80 Lowers with Jig

If you want to enjoy one of the toughest, most rugged 80 lowers available on the market and save some cash getting your hands on one, build some Forged 80 Lowers with a Jig yourself! Tooling your own 80 Lower into a fully functioning AR 15 lower receiver is easier than you think, and our Forged 80 Lowers with Jig ensure the finished receiver looks damn good and is built to last.

The provided Forged 80 Lowers with Jig make machining easy and free of guesswork – you’ll even find convenient video instructions and manuals available on our site to answer all your questions and guide you through the process. A forged AR lower is made of quality, forge-pressed aluminum bar stock and ours come with a standard black mil-spec finish. Just throw your 80 Lower in the 80 lower jig and with some basic hand tools and a few hours’ time, you’ll be the proud maker of your own Forged AR 15 Lower!

The provided Forged 80 Lowers with Jig even include carbide steel mill and drill bits, so all you need is a power hand tool and laminate router. The best part? Your new Jig is reusable with affordable replacement parts available on site, too! The whole thing ships to your door with no FFL transfer fees, no waiting in line at the store, and no red tape.

Benefits of Forged 80 Lower with Jig:

  • No FFL Required
  • 100% Mil-Spec
  • Can Be Shipped to Your Door
  • AR15 Jig Cuts Finish Time in Half
  • AR15 Jig Can Finish 20+ 80 Lowers
  • “Fire/Safe” Selector Engravings
Get to buildin’.

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