Gun Case

Gun Case

AR15s are meant to be ran hard, abused, and thrown around – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a quality Gun Case for your black rifle. In fact, the first thing you should invest in before even parting together your AR15 or buying it should be a Gun Case! You’ll need it to travel responsibly to and from the range, and many Gun Cases serve the double purpose as a small safe.

Protecting your rifle from prying eyes, small hands, and unnecessary dings and dents is simple responsible gun ownership. Browse around below and you’ll find a huge selection of quality hard and soft Gun Cases that’ll perfectly fit your AR15. We carry Gun Cases for every need and price point, from simple, no-frills carry bags to waterproof, locking hard cases that can be ran over with a truck.

Most of our Gun Cases include convenient storage for extra magazines, cleaning equipment, optics and shooting supplies, making a trip to the range that much simpler. Want to strap extra gear to your Gun Case? We carry options that include MOLLE webbing, tailor made for any USGI containers and straps. Don’t have a safe at home? Pick up a hard case with a padlock and you’re all set.

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