LR-308 Jig

LR-308 Jig

Precision gunsmithing jigs for completing your AR-10-type / LR-308 build.

Starting the assembly process of your .308 80% lower or LR-308 build kit is easy with the right jig. To ensure proper compatibility with the DPMS .308 platform's lower receiver, we located a range of gunsmithing jigs to suit your budget. Whether it's an affordable, ultralight polymer jig-and-lower combo from Polymer 80, or the precise and rugged Elite Builder Jig, every kit comes with the drill bits and required end mill bits for drilling and cutting your receiver blank for final assembly.

Jig and .308 Receiver Compatibility

It's important to note the modern .308 AR is not typically found in the original ArmaLite AR-10 (or KAC SR-25) configuration. Minor variances in physical receiver dimensions and internal components render the two platforms incompatible for assembly or parts mixing. With that said, the DPMS Panther LR-308 platform is wildly popular, offering the same accuracy, function, rugged looks, and reliability as the original AR-10 for a fraction of the price. That's why we chose to support .308 builds with the DPMS platform, offering a range of mil-spec, MOA-accurate build kits, upper receivers, and corresponding 80% lowers. Every jig available here is guaranteed to work with any polymer, forged, or billet DPMS-type 80% lower in the .308 caliber! 

First time building a .308? Read our guide: The AR-10 vs. The AR-308 (Parts Compatibility).

What's Included

Regardless of your jig preference, each kit comes with all the components required to successfully cut and drill your receiver blank for assembly with the lower parts kit, upper receiver, and buffer:

  • (2) Side Plates w/ Drilling Templates
  • (3) Top Plates for Fire Control cavity
  • (1) Set of Drill Bits and End Mill Bits
  • Written Instructions / Reference Guide

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