Pistol Kits

Pistol Kits

Quality rifle and pistol build kits for AR and handgun platforms.

Whether it's a whisper-quiet 300 BLK build, an AR-15 pistol, AR9, custom 1911, or GLOCK®- or SIG® P320-compatible build, you'll find quality pistol kits available at at a great price. Each pistol kit we sell (regardless of platform) is forged, CNC machined and manufactured by some of the nation's top gunsmiths. Each kit is guaranteed to be 100% parts-compatible with its retail gun counterpart. 

Complete Kits Ship to Your Front Door

No components in any of our pistol kits are considered firearms by the ATF or federal law, and federal law allows private citizens to build firearms at home for personal use -- no serial number or paperwork required. That means your kit ships directly to your front door, no FFL required, no extra taxes or fees, and no waiting in line at the gun store counter. Be aware that some states (like California) have passed gun laws contrary to federal law. Before ordering, be sure to check our Shipping & Returns Policy to confirm your state is not restricted. If you have questions about the legality of building a firearm in your state, always speak with an attorney.


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