Polymer80 Jig Kit

Polymer80 Jig Kit

The most affordable way to buy and build an 80% lower or frame.

For the AR builder who wants the most cost-effective option for completing an 80% lower, we partnered with our friends at Polymer 80 to bring these incredibly  affordable lower-and-jig combo kits. Included with each kit is a quality, U.S.-made 80% lower receiver or 80% pistol frame, coupled with the necessary jig and the tool bits necessary for cutting and drilling the receiver/frame. Each blank is precisely molded from weapons-grade, nylon reinforced polymer and so is each jig. Cutting and drilling a polymer blank is arguably the easiest when compared to a forged or billet aluminum receiver, making this a perfect for the first-time builder getting their feet wet with amateur gunsmithing!

Available for AR-15, LR-308, and GLOCK-Compatible Pistol Builds

Polymer 80 runs the full line of 80% build options, with receiver and jib combo kits available for 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington and 300 Blackout AR-15s, the popular DPMS LR-308 (AR-10), and the new PF940 series of Glock-compatible polymer pistol frames. Each jig is sized and automatically indexes each receiver blank, providing easy-to-use templates for cutting and drilling the receiver blank to completion.

Each jig includes the required drill bits and end mill bits for completing every manufacturing step. Once cut and drilled, your finished lower receiver or frame will be 100% compatible with its corresponding platform's retail components. Factory and aftermarket lower parts kits, triggers, magazines, buffer assemblies, upper receivers, and slides are guaranteed to fit.

See visual instructions for completing your AR-15 or LR-308 lower receiver with the included jig.

What's Included

  • Polymer 80% lower / 80% frame
  • (2) Jig side plates with templates
  • (1) Set of drill and end mill bits
  • (1) set of written / visual instructions

Required and Recommended Tools

Some basic hand tools are required for completing your frame or receiver:

  • Tabletop vise
  • *Drill press
  • Hand files

*For AR-15 or LR-308 receivers, the fire control cavity can be completed with the included center-cut end mill bit and a drill press. For pistol builds, the 80% frame does not require a drill press and can instead be completed using a rounded machinist file and a pair of snips. The included jig is disposable, but can be reused for a second receiver or frame if care is taken not to damage or mar the jig while cutting and drilling.

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