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The Glock platform may be among the most robust and reliable handguns out there, but let’s face it, they ain’t pretty. And I know what you’re thinking: “Listen man, guns aren’t about looks! They’re about function! They’re about doing a job, and doing it reliably!” And that’s true, but if you can have all that robustness and go-to-war reliability that and still have it look cooler than a black plastic brick, then why the hell not? Time to evolve, man. Time to live in the now.

We recently partnered with Polymer80, and with a little help from some other friends, we’re bringing you a line of products that range from AR-platform 80% lowers to full Glock build kits. Now you can give your brick a new look that’ll scream of awesomeness while still being ready to go to hell and back.

You’re welcome.


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