The polymer 80% gunsmithing kit represents the newest, easiest way to build a factory-spec handgun or polymer AR-15 at home. These 80% pistol frames and 80% receivers include American-made, affordable units with the necessary jig and tooling to cut and drill your blank, turning it into a firearm that's ready for final assembly.

Available Polymer80 Pistol Kits

Polymer80 pistol kits are compatible with gen 3 Glock® components in the corresponding caliber and frame size. Select one of the available 80% frame kits or pistol build kits by Glock® platform compatibility:

  • 17/34
  • 19/23
  • 26/27

Completing each frame or receiver requires drilling a few holes and removing excess polymer material using the included bits. These steps can be completed with basic hand tools. Little to no experience is required, thanks to easy-to-follow instructions! Once completed, simply pair your pistol frame with the appropriate Gen 3 Glock® barrel, slide, and parts kits, and hit the range in a single day.

Additional Features and Specs:

  • Does NOT require an FFL to buy or own
  • Compatible with all Gen 3 Glock® parts
  • Constructed of high-strength polymer
  • Stainless-steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS)
  • Stainless-steel Drop-in Rear Rail Module (RRM)
  • Includes blank serialization plate

Polymer80 AR-15 and .308 Lowers

We're also excited to introduce polymer 80% lower receiver options for the AR-15 (5.56/.223) and .308 (DPMS Gen 1, LR-308)! If you've been wanted to shed weight and build the lightest AR-15 or .308 rifle possible, you've in the right place.

First-timer? This guide explains how to complete a polymer 80 percent lower.

These polymer lowers weigh just 0.3 pounds. Once assembled, they reduce weight by around 50% compared to traditional aluminum receivers!

Our friends over at Polymer80 took the time to ensure these lowers are capable of handling high-powered rifle rounds. Many customers have already built their black rifle or pistol using polymer, to great effect.

Additional Features and Specs:

  • No FFL required to buy or own
  • Includes its own 80% lower jig
  • Compatible with all 80 lower jigs!
  • Includes all necessary bits and tooling
  • 100% compatible with retail AR-15 parts!
  • .308 lowers compatible with DPMS Gen 1
  • Made of high-strength, reinforced polymer

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