We know, shooting your AR for hours on end is a ton of fun. Dumping 30-rounders with a smoking barrel is even more fun. Reloading all those magazines at the end of the day is way less fun. Bought some brand new mags? You’ve probably had to slap a band aid on a thumb or two. AR15 magazines pack a lot of brass into a relatively small space, and those springs and feed lips can do some nasty numbers on your digits. In for the rescue is the Speedloader.

These nifty little devices make reloading your AR15 mags a breeze: Just fill up the Speedloader with some rounds, shove a mag in the business end, crank the lever, and you’re set! Speedloaders turn what used to take 30 minutes into a minute or two per magazine. If you’re the kind of guy or gal that loves to sling lead as fast as you can, a Speedloader is just a necessity.

Speedloaders also help ensure you’re not over-loading your magazines to 31 rounds. AR15 magazines tend to have a little “give” in their springs, and sometimes it’s a little too easy to cram an extra round in there – potentially ruining your magazine in the process. Invest in a Speedloader and never again worry about the chore of reloading after a day at the range.

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