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8o Lower Receiver FAQs

Do I need an FFL dealer for my AR-15 lower receiver purchase?

No. If you purchase an 80% lower receiver, you do NOT need an FFL.

What is a federal firearms license (FFL)?

Basically, it is a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) which authorizes an individual or business to transfer and sell firearms in the US.

Are 80% lower receivers legal?

As federal law currently stands, 80% lower receivers do not meet the criteria of a firearm in the eyes of the BATFE. For that reason, they do not require serial numbers, and do not have to be shipped to an FFL dealer. It is completely legal to build a weapon from an 80% lower, as long as you don’t intend to sell it and you machine it yourself.

However, state and local laws can be stricter. You are required to know any federal, state, and local laws that pertain to 80% lowers.

Why do serialized lowers have to be shipped to an FFL dealer?

Contrary to 80% lowers, stripped lowers meet the requirements to be considered a firearm to the BATFE. As such, they must be serialized, so an FFL dealer is required to legally receive and transfer the lower receiver. Once the dealer receives your lower, they will be able to do the necessary paperwork.

Does offer any sort of warranty?

With the exception of our 80% lowers, all of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty. If your product is defective or unsatisfactory, please contact us immediately for a refund and your free return shipping label. For any additional info, check out our shipping and returns page.

Can my AR-15 lower receiver chambered in 5.56 NATO shoot .223 ammo?

Yes, but the reverse is not true. If your firearm is chambered in .223, don’t shoot 5.56 NATO with it.

Where can I find more information about completing an 80% lower receiver?

Check out our blog articles and easy how-to videos to see how easy it is to complete your 80% lower receiver!XX


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