About Us

AR-15LowerReceivers.com was founded with the goal of giving black rifle enthusiasts affordable, quality, mil-spec AR-15 parts and related accessories. We've since evolved to offer those who love building tactical firearms a unique selection of 80% lower receivers, 80% jigs, AR-15 build kits, pre-built uppers, and much more. We also strive to be a resource for builders and shooters who need reliable AR-15 gunsmithing information, technical data, build guides, and how-to examples. Our primary concern is you, our customer. End of story.

Bringing New AR Parts to Market

We continue to push the envelope with advanced manufacturing, engineering, and dedicated research and development to bring new AR products and kits to your work bench. Our goal is to give you complete confidence in AR-15LowerReceivers.com, by providing you with the best in product performance, value, and customer service.

U.S.-Made, Lifetime Warrantied

We pride ourselves on our U.S.-based, high manufacturing standards, which allows us to set an even higher standard for customer satisfaction. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our products and we guarantee our customer service will exceed your needs.

Supporters of The Second Amendment

We are proud supporters of the Second Amendment, the Constitution, and America. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the NRA, Friends of the NRA, and Gun Rights Across America to protect and promote the constitutional rights that have made our country great.