AR-15 5D Tactical Jig FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the 5D Tactical Jig (AR-15 80% Lower)

Q: Are there any video instructions for the 5D Jig?

A:Yes, there are two instructional videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Q: Will my AR- 15 lower work with this jig?

A: Yes it will. The 5D Jig is a universal jig meaning it will work with all AR-15 lowers, polymer and aluminum.

Q: Can the 5D Tactical Jig work with my .308 (AR-10) Lower Receiver?

A: The Router Jig is truly universal for all 308 80% Lower Receivers - AR-308, LR-308, AR-10.A lower receiver is mounted in the jig in the same manner as it will mount to an upper receiver; by the front takedown, rear takedown, and buffer support. By using these known standardized features to mount the lower, and in conjunction with our No-Touch Side Plates, we can guarantee universal fitment for any AR-308 / AR-10 lower receiver regardless of exterior dimensions or slight design variations.

Q: What size router is recommended to use with the 5D?

A: Compact routers are going to be best for finishing your lower.

Q: Are there any specific router models that are recommended to use with the 5D Tactical Jig?

A: The DeWalt DWP611 and the Porter Cable PCE6435 are our top recommendations. Please reference the chart below for other brands and models that have been verified to work well with the 5D Tactical Jig

Q: What is included in the tool kit?

A:The tool kit included all necessary (1) 3-Flute Hybrid End Mill (1) 3/8" Black Oxide High Speed Steel Drill Bit (1) 5/16" Black Oxide High Speed Drill Bit (1) 5/32" Black Oxide High Speed Drill Bit (1) 3/8" Drill Stop

Q: Can I use a different end mill bit to finish my build?

A: The 5D Tactical Jig was designed to be used with the custom 3-flute Hybrid End Mill bit and is highly recommended. Failure to use the custom 3-flute end mill bit may result in a damaged lower or jig.

Q: How does the 5/16” end mill bit fit in a compact router?

A: The end mill bit was custom designed so that the upper portion of the shank slims down to ¼” to allow for use with compact routers.

Q: Can I purchase the custom hybrid end mill bit separately?

A: The custom end mill bit will be available for purchase separately after April 4th, 2017.

Q: Are replacement parts available for 5D Tactical Jig?

A: We are working on adding replacement products to the site, expect to see some available in the upcoming weeks. Please email for updates.

Q: How many lowers can be completed before I need to replace my end mill bit?

A: We recommend replacement of the end mill bit every 3 lowers. End Mill bits can break before so we recommend checking every couple of passes to ensure quality work.

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