80% ARMS

As the name might imply, 80% Arms focuses primarily on 80% lower receivers and 80% lower jigs. They are located in Orange County, California, and their name in the industry speaks for itself. Their Easy Jig is well-known for being the fastest, most durable, and easiest-to-use 80% lower jig ever produced. Their leadership is comprised of Marines with years of combat experience.


BLACKHAWK! is another company that was founded by a veteran. In 2000, a Navy SEAL founded the company after realizing that his gear had nearly failed him in a minefield. Their goal is to manufacture products that can withstand any conditions, no matter how austere. BLACKHAWK! has certainly lived up to those initial goals, and their products are well respected for their durability. They operate out of Kansas.


CMMG is one of the industry leaders for .22LR AR-15 conversion kits, AR-15 rifles, and related accessories. They back all of their 100% American-made products with a lifetime warranty which protects against material and craftsmanship defects. This kind of customer service is to be expected of a business that is family owned and operated for over 20 years.


We’re sure you’ve heard of this one! MAGPUL has some of the best name recognition in the entire firearms industry, and they are extremely well-known for their polymer and composite firearms accessories. They are headquartered in Texas, and are also major second amendment supporters.


Once you’ve completed your 80% lower, if you are looking for a night vision scope for your build, look no further than Night Vision Scope Co.! They are headquartered in Indianapolis, and offer some exceptional night vision scopes at competitive prices. To keep it simple, check out their recommendation for the best night vision scope here.


If you’re looking for any type of survival knife, check out They offer some of the best prices on a wide variety of survival knives ranging from tactical knives, to bushcraft knives, and on to multi-tools.