80% Lower Easy Jig with Tooling



Been looking for the cheapest 80 lower jig? You've found it! Cheap does not mean low-quality: The 80% Lower Easy Jig lives up to its name. It measures everything for you, and it even templates every hole you need to drill. You don't even need a drill press! All that's required is a handheld router, a hand drill, and a free evening.

The Easy Jig is arguably the most popular 80 lower jig under $200. Hundreds of first-time and pro builders have used the Easy Jig to complete their 80 percent lowers and rifle builds in a single day! Compared to using a regular ole' drill press, this 80 lower jig cuts total machining time in half. Most builders complete their lowers in 1 hour or less.

80% Lower Easy Jig Features:

  • Cut machining time in half
  • Can finish 20+ 80% lowers
  • Built-in drill bit depth guides
  • Each plate is individually replaceable
  • No drill press necessary (can use standard hand drill)
  • How-To videos and instruction manual

Included Bits and Tools:

The 80% Lower Easy Jig includes all the stuff you need to drill and mill your lower quickly and safely, turning it into an AR-15 stripped receiver. No experience is required. This 80 lower jig includes easy-to-follow instructions and simple tools designed for first-time builders:

  • 3/8 drill bit (1)
  • 3/8 drill stop collar (1)
  • 5/32 drill bit (1)
  • 19/64 drill bit (1)

End mill bit included:

This 80 lower jig includes (1) 1/4" solid carbide end mill bit made with super-short 0.75" flutes for ideal router performance.

Note: We recommend having (1) replacement end mill bit for every (2) 80 percent lowers you complete.

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

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