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80% Lower Easy Jig

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80% Lower Easy Jig
80% Lower Easy Jig

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80% Lower Easy Jig:

Cut finish time in half
Can finish 20+ 80% lowers
Built-in drill bit depth guides
Each plate is individually replaceable
No drill press necessary (can use standard hand drill)
How-To videos and instruction manual
Not Included: Tooling

Note: You will need the required 80% Lower Easy Jig Tooling to use this 80% lower jig. The required tooling can be found here. If your plan is to build more than 2 lowers, we recommend purchasing an end mill bit for every two lowers, and have one extra end mill bit just in case.
Check out how the Easy 80% Lower Jig compares to the others in the 80% Lower Jig Comparison chart.
How much does this jig simplify the process? Read the Easy Jig instruction manual or watch the Easy Jig how-to video.

80% Lower Easy Jig

$169.95 $139.99 (You Save $29.96)

Out of stock

Free Shipping on all orders $250+!


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