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AR-15 Pistol Kit (5.56 Caliber, 10.5″ Barrel & 12″ Slanted M-Lok Hand Guard) w/ 80% Lower Receiver

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AR-15 Pistol Kit (5.56 Caliber, 10.5" Barrel & 12" Slanted M-Lok Hand Guard) w/ 80% Lower Receiver
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5.56 AR-15 Pistol Build Kit Specifications:

Handguard Type:


Twist Rate:

Railing Length:

Barrel Length:

Barrel Steel:
Chrome Moly

Barrel Finish:

Barrel Profile:

Muzzle Device:
Flash Can

Want SBR style performance without the expense and hassle of building a registered SBR? Try our exciting 10.5” 5.56 NATO chambered pistol build kit. This isn’t just any 10.5” pistol kit though, it is built from the ground up to be exciting and new, from the Flash Can muzzle device, to the state of the art M-Lok handguard that can be readily fitted with almost any sort of accessory in minutes. Complete, tested and ready to install on your finished lower, this upper stands above the usual AR pistol crowd and is immediately recognizable as a quality semi custom unit.
Nothing says fun at the range or even tactical utility like a 10.5” barrel, and when you build your own 80% lower at home, the fun and pride of ownership shines through. Take advantage of this golden age of AR manufacturing, and add this build kit to your collection at historic low price points.
5.56 AR-15 Pistol Build Kit Specifications (Expanded):
Barrel: 10.5″, 5.56 chambered barrel comes already installed with an Flash Can.
Upper Receiver Assembly: Forged from 7075-T6 aluminum, our upper receiver features hard coat black anodizing for durable use. Made in America, our upper receiver has M4 feed ramps, and T-marks on the top rail.
Bolt Carrier Group: Featuring a chrome lined and phosphate coated 8620 steel bolt that is mil-spec shot peened and a M-16 profile Carpenter 158 steel bolt carrier that is complete with extractor spring and O-ring insert. The entire assembly is ready for each and every one of your rounds.
80% Lower Receiver: The 80% lower comes already engraved with FIRE/SAFE selector markings, is anodized to match the upper receiver, and is machined from a 7075-T6 aluminum forging.
AR-15 Lower Parts Kit: Our MagPul MOE lower parts kit is a complete set of every part needed to complete your lower receiver. It includes the comfortable MagPul MOE pistol grip, special slick nickel finished fire control group, mil-spec safety, standard latch plate, and pivot pin, plus all associated springs and detents.
Lower Assembly: A Shockwave Blade stabilizer and Shockwave buffer tube assembly designed for AR-15 pistols aids in increased accuracy and function.
Charging Handle: Built of rugged T6061 aluminum, our charging handle is one of the most durable and reliable ones on the market.
Please note: You will need to complete the 80% lower included in your AR-15 Pistol Build Kit, however that is the good part that gives you the freedom to enjoy building your own AR lower in the comfort of your home.
It is your responsibility to fully understand all applicable laws and regulations regarding purchase and ownership of uppers with a barrel length of less than 16″.

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AR-15 Pistol Kit (5.56 Caliber, 10.5″ Barrel & 12″ Slanted M-Lok Hand Guard) w/ 80% Lower Receiver

$999.95 $779.95 (You Save $220 )

$999.95 $779.95 (You Save $220 )
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