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Black 80% Lower Fire/Safe Engraved & Easy Jig Gen 1 with Tooling

$344.95 $249.99 (You Save $94.96)

Black 80% Lower FireSafe Engraved & Easy Jig Gen 1 with Tooling
Black 80% Lower FireSafe Engraved & Easy Jig Gen 1 with Tooling

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Out of stock

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Black 80% Lower Fire/Safe Engraved:

  • Color: Anodized Black
  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • 100% Mil-Spec
  • Fire/Safe Engraved
  • Broached Magwell
  • 100% Made in the USA

80% Easy Jig with Tooling:

  • Cut finish time in half
  • Can finish 20+ 80% lowers
  • Built-in drill bit depth guides
  • Each plate is individually replaceable
  • No drill press necessary (can use standard hand drill)
  • How-To videos and instruction manual

Included drill bits:

  • 3/8 drill bit (1)
  • 3/8 drill stop collar (1)
  • 5/32 drill bit (1)
  • 19/64 drill bit (1)

End mill bit included:

1/4“ solid carbide end mill bit (1) – made with super short 0.75 in flutes for ideal performance


Note: If your plan is to build more than 2 lowers, we recommend purchasing an end mill bit for every two lowers, and have one extra end mill bit just in case.

Check out how the Heavy Duty 80% Lower Jig compares to the others in the 80% Lower Jig Comparison chart.

How much does this jig simplify the process? Read the Easy Jig instruction manual or watch the Easy Jig how-to video.

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Black 80% Lower Fire/Safe Engraved & Easy Jig Gen 1 with Tooling

$344.95 $249.99 (You Save $94.96)

Out of stock

Out of stock

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Gun N.

Very Easy

The drilling and routing went very well. The jig tools are very easy to work with and the instructions are easy to follow. Took about 2 hours to have a usable receiver. I did hit one snag with the safety detent, seems there was a small bit of metal in the drilled hole for the detent but was able to correct it with a small needle nose file. All and all very pleased with the outcome.


NON Heavy Duty Easy Jig

Item says it's the heavy duty easy jig, which it's not, it's the basic easy jig without the upgraded selves in the side plates, should have sent it back but I waited 3 plus weeks for my order so I did not want to wait any longer, everything else is like it should be, the 80% lower is good quality and the bits are good quality, just a little upset that the easy jig wasn't the heavy duty like it says that's why the 3 stars , with order next time from or

ar m.

easier than i thought

the product is 5 star. the directions were easy to follow. the you tube videos also helped. I took my time and I had the receiver milled and ready for parts in 4 hours. the rifle works flawlessly today. thanks

Ron B.

Solid as a rock

Have not had the chance to use the jig yet but it looks great. Lowers are perfect and came packaged up very nice. Thank guys!


Not the best and not worth the money

I bought the full package the lower receive, jig, and drill bits. It took well over the expected time to Arrive, but this is because the machine that makes the jig wasn't working for a period of time. But when it arrived At first glance everything looked pretty good. I immediately started the drilling process and although it was tough to drill, it wasn't so bad. However after the first few holes,I could tell that the holes in the jig were getting warped. So much so that I most likely would never be able to use it again. This is because the jig also seems to be made out of aluminum. The only good thing is that the drill bits are actually pretty good. Not the best, but definitely not cheap. After I drilled everything, I used a router that went smooth enough. Iv never used a router on metal before but it was pretty fun. And after that I finished up with the trigger hole and other holes on the side like the safety and that wasn't too bad. And with a few hours of hard work and aching body, I was finaly complete. I finaly had a working lower receiver. Except it wasn't....When I mated the lower to the upper, the lower receiver was not flush with the upper. It was too far to one side. When I try putting in a magazine, it won't even secure into place because the upper receiver is blocking it from going in. So after all that I have a lower receiver that I spent hours on that won't work in either of my two uppers that I tried them on, I have a jig that I can't use because I can't drill a hole in the proper place anymore. Congrats to me. I just spend $250 on semi decent drill bits. Maybe I got a lemon, but I wouldn't do business with them again.


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