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Delta 556 Muzzle Brake by Aero Precision



On the spectrum from low recoil to less muzzle rise to less concussive blast and flash, you've decided your AR's recoil doesn't need to be lessened. Consequently, you've decided to take the edge off the explosion you hear each time you send a round downrange. An excellent (and cheaper) to achieve this without going full on "paperwork-to-the-ATF" is with the Aero Precision Delta 556 Muzzle Brake. Shaped more closely to an A2 "birdcage," the Delta 556 has no inner chambers and thus no large side ports. Rather, its vents evenly distribute expelled gas (and the sound) so that's it's not all leaving the brake in the same couple directions. The brake having this venting configuration also reduces muzzle flash. See below for more info.


  • Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Maintains great muzzle control
  • Reduced concussion to the shooter
Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty

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