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Drop-In Trigger – RA-140 Super Sporting

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RA-140 Super Sporting Drop-In Trigger
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“Man, I wish I had a kickass trigger for my AR, that didn’t cost half what the entire rifle was worth.”  Ever thought this?  Well stop wishing, and check out the RA-140 Super Sporting Trigger Assembly by Rise Armament.

The RA-140 is a single stage, drop-in trigger that turns your shooting into a viscerally, satisfying experience.  You’ll achieve a new level of precision trigger control, as you feel the exact same minimal-to-no-creep, and light 3.5 lb break and reset every single time.  Since it comes to you as a drop-in assembly, your trigger pins will line up with the holes quick and easy:  no more screwing around for 10 minutes trying to get the rear trigger pin to go through the disconnector hole.  And check this out:  this trigger is built using AS9100 quality control standards, the same ridiculously high level of quality that aerospace engineers use when working on space equipment parts. That means this trigger is manufactured with specs that are measured down to one-millionths of an inch.

Why the RA-140 Drop-In Trigger is So Awesome

  •         Affordable and precise
  •         Drop-in design for simple installation
  •         Crisp, super clean break with no take-up or creep
  •         Light, consistent 3.5-pound trigger pull
  •         Black, rugged hard coat anodized aluminum housing
  •         Manufactured to AS9100 quality control standards
  •         Aerospace tolerances of 0.000001 inches
  •         Fits most AR-15, AR-10, and LR-308 lowers
  •         Uses standard lower pins or new KNS pins


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Drop-In Trigger – RA-140 Super Sporting

$179.00 $129.00 (You Save $50.00)

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