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Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform with Tooling (AR-9 / AR-15 / LR-308)

$339.99 $299.99 (You Save $40.00)

Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform with Tooling (AR-9 / AR-15 / LR-308)
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Meet the newest and fastest 80% lower jig on the face of the Earth. Just when you thought jigs couldn’t get any better, 80% Arms comes out with the Easy Jig Gen 2 and totally blows your mind. There is nothing “minor” about the changes implemented in the Easy Jig Gen 2. Built for every 80 percent lower ever made, speed, re-use, universality, durability and user-friendliness, this 80% lower jig accomplishes that and so much more.
The Easy Jig Gen 2Multi-Platform Jig is easily the most revolutionary and most important jig created since the creation of the original Easy Jig (Easy Jig Gen 1). With over 3 years of learning, knowledge and overall refinement, the Easy Jig Gen 2 is finally available to the public.
Friends, meet the Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform Jig – Completely universal, least amount of labor, least amount of time, easiest 80% lower jig made. Ever.
80% Lower Jig (Easy Jig Gen 2) with Tooling:
100% Universal:

Compatible with ANY manufacturer’s AR-15, .308 (LR-308 DPMS Gen 1) and AR-9 80 percent lower
Converts from AR-15 to LR-308 jig in a few seconds
Uses the buffer tube to center align in your jig.

Extremely Easy:

Integrated measuring guides
No drill press required

Includes how-to manual, instructions and link to video instructions

Freaky Fast:

Complete 80 percent lowers in less than 30 minutes

90% less drilling than competing 80% lower jigs

No disassembly of jig required to remove the 80 lower
Insert and remove 80 percent lower in less than 10 seconds

Keep chips out of your face and reduce clean-up time with the all new Shop Vac buffer tube attachment

Crazy Durable:

Hardened steel drilling surfaces
Side plates constructed of solid steel

Router plate designed to eliminates end mill from touching jig and prevents extra end mill flex

Drill bits optional:

1) 3/8 inch drill bit
1) 5/32 inch drill bit
1) 21/64 inch drill bit

End mill bit included with option tool kit:

1) 5/16 inch end mill bit – solid carbide with ¼ inch shank (to fit into compact router)

Note: It is recommended that you have 1 end mill bit for every 3 80% lowers you plan to complete.
*Lower receiver is not included with purchase*

No FFL required Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty

Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform with Tooling (AR-9 / AR-15 / LR-308)

$339.99 $299.99 (You Save $40.00)

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