Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform with Tooling (AR-9 / AR-15 / LR-308)



Meet the fastest, most universal 80 lower jig on Earth: The Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform! This 80 lower jig is the perfect at-home gunsmithing station for newbies and pro builders alike. It's guaranteed to work with all available 80 percent lowers! That includes polymer, billet, and forged AR-9, AR-15, and LR-308 (DPMS) lowers. Completing any lower with the Easy Jig Gen 2 takes 30 minutes or less, even for newer builders.

Included bits and tools:

  • (1) 3/8" drill bit
  • (1) 5/32" drill bit
  • (1) 21/64" drill bit
  • (1) 5/16" end mill bit
  • (1) router plate
  • Video tutorial
  • Instructional guide

Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform Features

The Easy Jig Gen 2's universal yet precise because it uses the buffer tube to center your lower in the jig's guide plates. By doing so, the Gen 2 ensures the lower is always centered and aligned for precise machining, no matter its external dimensions or shape.

Freaky Fast

  • Complete lowers in less than 30 minutes
  • 90% less drilling than competing 80 lower jigs
  • No disassembly of jig required to remove the lower
  • Insert and remove 80 percent lower in less than 10 seconds

Extremely Easy

  • No drill press required!
  • Integrated measuring guides
  • Includes written and video instructions

Crazy Durable

  • Hardened steel drilling surfaces
  • Side plates constructed of solid steel
  • No-touch plates eliminate end mill bit from touching jig
  • Router plate and 1/4" shank prevent extra end mill flex

Grab a lower and router

Once you've picked up the Gen 2 Multi-Platform, all you'll need is an 80 percent lower and a handheld router. This 80 lower jig is designed to work with 23 of the most popular handheld routers, but most builders pick the Porter Cable 6430. This router is what many jig makers use when designing their products. It's the perfect tool for the job. Because the Easy Jig doesn't require a drill press, you can use a basic hand drill to complete your lower. The reinforced drilling surfaces and guide holes ensure all the holes you drill are perfectly aligned and centered.

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

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