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80% Lower Easy Jig Tooling
$59.99 $49.95 (You save $10.04)
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The 80% Lower Easy Jig Tooling Kit contains drill bits, milling tools, and a drill stop. Complete your 80% lower efficiently and effortlessly with the Easy 80% Lower Jig Tooling Kit. This 80% lower jig tooling kit contains:

Drill Bits:

    • 3/8 drill bit (1)
    • 3/8 drill stop collar (1)
    • 5/32 drill bit (1)
    • 19/64 drill bit (1)

End Mill Bit:

    • 1/4“ solid carbide end mill bit (1) - made with super short 0.75 in flutes for ideal performance

Note: If your plan is to build more than 2 lowers, we recommend purchasing an end mill bit for every two lowers, and have one extra end mill bit just in case.

Special Note: This specific tooling is made to work with the 80% Lower Easy Jig which requires the use of a handheld mill or router. Please note, this tooling does NOT fit the other 80% lower jigs on our store (except the AR-10 Easy Jig).


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80% Lower Easy Jig Tooling

$59.99 $49.95 (You save $10.04)
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Free Shipping on all orders $250+!

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