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Magpul MBUS Front Flip-Up Sight

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Magpul MBUS Front Flip-Up Sight
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The MagPul MBUS (MagPul Back Up Sight) Front Flip-Up Sight is a great addition to any AR-15 weapon owner’s collection. The MBUS sights come in a heavy duty durable polymer that is specially manufactured for AR-15 and M16 platforms. The sights are durable, lightweight, and a more narrow and unobtrusive design, making it easier for the operator. The AR-15 Front Flip-Up Sights are made to navigate through rough terrain and field exercises, ensuring only the best and most high qualities from MagPul.
Features of Magpul MBUS Front Flip-Up Sight:
䄏 Spring-Loaded Flip Up 䄏 Lighter Weight Construction 䄏 Elevation Adjustment Tool (Included) 䄏 Impact Resistant Polymer Design 䄏 Reduced Size 䄏 Compatible with any Standard Picatinny Rail Systems
The MBUS Front Flip-Up Sight is an inexpensive way to have a backup iron sight system in case your typical optics go out. Some operators prefer to use just the iron sights due to: cost efficiency, dependability, and durability. The Sights are easily activated by pressing the lever on either side of the sight, or pressing down on the top. They will simply spring up and allow you to continue shooting, while keeping the elevation constant. The spring lock feature helps to keep the elevation consistent, without having to adjust it every time.

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Magpul MBUS Front Flip-Up Sight

$49.95 $39.95 (You Save $10.00)

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