Polymer80 PF940SC 80% SubCompact Frame and Jig Kit

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Please note: The end mill bit is no longer included. The manufacturer, Polymer80, determined the end mill bit is not unnecessary to complete this frame. 

If you’re like the countless other gun owners who love the gen 3 Glock® 26 or 27, then you owe it to yourself to build the perfect handgun. Yes, we said build it, not a Glock® by name, but your own creation that looks and functions just like one. See, buying a Glock® at the store is great - until you realize you have limited options and higher prices to pay. Instead, start with the PF940SC subcompact 80% frame and jig kit by Polymer80.

Finish milling and drilling the frame (which literally takes two hours and requires almost no experience), assemble it with the gen 3 Glock® 26 or 27 components that you want to carry, and then carry your custom creation in style. We recently partnered with Polymer80 to bring the baby Glock® platform some much-needed upgrades. 

Polymer80 redesigned the frame by upgrading the material with a high-strength polymer. They also optimized the grip by reducing the factory angle from 22 degrees to 18 degrees for reliability and ultra comfort. Oh, and it still works with all Glock® magazines! Check it out:

Included with this Polymer 80% Pistol Frame and Jig Kit:

  • Glock® 26/27-compatible frame
  • Finishing jig with tooling
  • Drill bits and end mill bit
  • Blank serialization plate
  • Stainless steel drop-in rear module (RRM)
  • Stainless steel locking block rail system (LBRS)

Already own a factory pistol from Austria that you want to make sleeker and more comfortable?

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