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RA-535 Advanced Performance Drop-In Trigger

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RA-535 Advanced Performance Drop-In Trigger
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Your search for the ultimate AR trigger means discovering a quality unit that eliminates the worst traits found on some triggers. You’ll want to minimize take-up – that loose, dangly feeling you notice before putting pressure on your trigger.

Manufactured to One-Millionth of an Inch

You will also want to suffer no creep – you know, that trigger travel before the hammer strikes. You will want a clean, consistent break, and you will  want no overtravel with and little reset as possible. The RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger does all of that in a perfectly crafted drop-in trigger.

ISO 9001 quality control is sufficient for most tier 1 manufacturers, but not Rise Armament, so they built it to AS9100 specifications – aerospace manufacturing standards fit for the space shuttle. That’s 5 decimal places of tolerance or 0.000001 inches. That’s one-millionth of an inch.

Perfectly Tuned and Ready to Fire

The result is a trigger that breaks like a glass rod on a cold morning, tuned to exactly 3.5 pounds. Overtravel is non-existent and creep is only a myth with this trigger. The lightened trigger and CNC machined high-grade and heat-treated steel and aluminum are housed in Rise Armament’s signature anodized housing.

Why The RA-535 is The Trigger to Beat

  • Guaranteed to improve shot groups
  • Manufactured with zero creep and take-up
  • Perfectly tuned 3.5-pound pull is consistent
  • No overtravel and little reset make follow-ups quick
  • Constructed with one-millionth-inch tolerances
  • Drop-in unit fits any standard AR 15 or 308 lower
  • Set screws in housing compatible with any trigger pin

No FFL required Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty

RA-535 Advanced Performance Drop-In Trigger

$319.00 $259.00 (You Save $60.00)

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