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  • Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit 2 Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit 3 Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit 4 Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Build Kit 5

    Magpul® MOE® AR-15 Lower Build Kit

    We don't want to say this is the kit to end all kits, because that would be too cliché. So we'll just tell you this is the kit to end the lower half of your AR build. If you got your hands on a stripped lower and you're ready to build, this kit...

  • Magpul® MOE® Carbine Stock & Buffer Tube Assembly Magpul® MOE® Carbine Stock & Buffer Tube Assembly 2 Magpul® MOE® Carbine Stock & Buffer Tube Assembly 3 Magpul® MOE® Carbine Stock & Buffer Tube Assembly 4 Magpul® MOE® Carbine Stock & Buffer Tube Assembly 5

    Magpul® MOE® Carbine Stock & Buffer Tube Assembly

    Get all the pieces you need to finish off the shoulder end of your AR in one handy little package. This bundle we've created gets you our buffer tube assembly, but that's not all. The bonus is that we've included a Magpul® MOE® Carbine Stock...

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Mil-spec AR-15 buttstocks and pistol braces.

Getting a good cheek weld on your AR with the proper length of pull is what makes your sight picture consistent and your accuracy better. We've sourced a quality selection of carefully-picked AR-15 buttstocks and braces for your rifle and pistol builds. Setting up a barreled upper assembly with a stripped lower? Grab our Classic LPK with buttstock and buffer included.

Mil-spec Stocks For all AR Builds

We choose to sell mil-spec stocks since they guarantee fitment with almost all AR-15 lower receivers and buffer tubes on the market. Each stock and brace we sell is guaranteed to fit any AR parts kit or rifle or pistol build kit on our site! We've partnered with top stock maker Magpul to offer up their popular CTR Carbine and PRS GEN3 stocks for lightweight and bench rifle builds. 

SB Tactical Braces

While we're still able to, we're offering up SB Tactical's hugely popular SBA3 Pistol Brace. It, too, sports mil-spec fitment and includes a buffer tube to make assembling your pistol lower easy. Although the ATF has proposed redefining certain AR-15 pistol configurations as SBRs (short-barreled rifles), pistol braces as standalone units remain legal without any paperwork required.

Sylvan Arms Folding Stock

We're excited to offer up the ARH300 Folding Stock Adapter from Sylvan Arms! This unique buffer tube/receiver adapter works with standard buffer tubes and lower receivers, utilizing a heavy duty steel locking swivel pin operated by a spring-loaded button. Simply depress the button and fold your stock to the side of the receiver! Slap it back into position and it automatically locks up, aligning the buffer assembly with your bolt and receiver. Best of all? The stock adapter works with all AR builds! That includes all AR-15 variants (like 300 BLK, 9mm, and Grendel) and the LR-308 platform.


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